Classroom Topics

Also available as Guest Lectures

Length of talks can vary as needed.

The Pyramid of Hate and an Escalation to Genocide

This talk focuses on the Pyramid of Hate, created by the ADL, and uses it as a template to show how societies go from peace to unrest to genocide.

What is Genocide and Where Did it Come From?

This talk focuses on the history of the term genocide and the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and seeks to educate people on how Genocide Studies emerged as a field and why it is important.

The Armenian Genocide: The Dangers of Extreme Nationalism

This talk focuses on the beginnings of the Armenian Genocide and how Turkish Nationalism played a key role in that genocide.

Genocide Denial in the 21st Century

This talk focuses on the concept of genocide denial as the final step of genocidal regimes.  It also discusses the hows of genocide denial and why it is so important to be well informed and combat it wherever possible.

Representations of Genocide in Cartoons

This talk focuses on how genocide is portrayed in televised animated media.  Genocide doesn’t just exist in the Real World, it also exists in the worlds we create.  How and why it is represented the way it is, and how that impacts our day to day perception of genocidal activities is important to understand.

The Nazi Propaganda Machine and a Brainwashed Nation

This talk focuses on the awful power of the Nazi propaganda machine and how the Nazi Party was able to convince the people of Germany to go along with the genocide of over 12 million people.  It will also delve into modern propaganda and how to recognize and combat it.